The Chef B Difference!

Meals By Chef B LLC is a Chef Forward company created by a CHEF and owned by a CHEF.  We are what we call “Chef Forward” or “Food Forward Dining”.  Simply put – FOOD comes First!  Quality, flavor, everything down to the garnishing is done for the enjoyment of our food not only profit!  There are many fine food operations out there set up for maximum profitability. They are ran by business men and women who hire chefs/cooks to work for them.  That is certainly one way to do it, but we feel that a Chef owned and operated business lends itself to much more care and appreciation of the products, ingredients, and clients! On top of all of that, we are one of the few Home Meal Delivery Companies in South Florida, if not the only, that offers all of our meals in Family Portions AND Kids meals! We know that life gets busy and it’s not just about feeding mom and dad! We think that when you try us you’ll experience the difference!

Who Are We and What Exactly Do We Offer?

Meals By Chef B LLC is a family owned and operated Catering and Home Meal Delivery operation by Bryan and Mandi Williams.  Mandi works behind the scenes and is very hands on with clients helping them with any questions or concerns they may have involving all facets of our business. She books all of our catering events, manages our website, and overseas all deliveries as well as client communications. She’s Chef B’s Superwoman… but what wife/mom isn’t right?

We are largely involved with the Gourmet Meal Delivery space but are also involved with Corporate Lunch Catering, and Special Events.  We often cater Cocktail Parties, Weddings, and even create intricate wine pairing menus for special client private parties!  No event is too big or small. Chef B is available to cook on site at your event as well! Ask about this incredible service and availability! Give Mandi a call today to discuss your next event!

A Brief Chef Bryan Bio

Chef B (Bryan Williams) is an accredited Chef and Culinarian with over 23 years of experience on a professional level of cooking for a variety of clientele.  Whether it’s fine dining wine pairings or backyard BBQ’s he does it all with vibrance and passion!  Bryan grew up in North Carolina where he honed his Pit Master skills hickory smoking just about anything and everything.  He learned low country cuisine from his family recipes and by working in a made from scratch southern cafeteria as a young boy.  He Graduated from East Carolina University with a B.S. in Hospitality Management then moved to Los Angeles CA. where he did almost a 10 year stent including graduating top of his class at La Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Pasadena.  Bryan became a fine dining Chef and achieved his ultimate goal of becoming an Executive Chef at La Canada Flintridge Country Club at the young age of 28. He presided there for 8 years before moving back to the East Coast to be with family and thats when Meals By Chef B was born in March of 2016.

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