Chef’s Gourmet Kraft Jerky

Chef’s Gourmet Kraft Jerky

Choose from 3 flavors – Steakhouse Salt-lick, Chef’s Classic Hickory, or Sweet and Spicy Korean BBQ Flavors. (Korean Pictured)

Chef Packages each order in a vacuum Sealed Bag, Store in the Freezer (Will last up to a year) or Fridge (up to a month)

Upon opening place in a re-sealable zip-lock bag and store in the fridge.  Can be kept room temperature, but will last much much longer if you refrigerate.  No Added Chemicals or sulfites, only natural Preservatives From Whole Foods and Spices!

(1 Pound Bag Pictured Below)

*Contains Soy



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Chef’s Craft Gourmet Jerky – Steakhouse Salt- Lick , Hickory, Or Korean BBQ Flavors, Sold by the 1/2 pound or 1 pound! (Korean Pictured Above)


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