After trying many meals services and being in a Cardio restrictive diet, the variety and flavors that ChefB provides exceeded our expectations and we are satisfied with portions.
The decision between paying a bit more and having freshness , herb flavors , delicious house sauces and keeping a control of my sodium and saturated fat means a healthy happy heart!!
My husband a picky , Latino man loves the Children Parmesan ,Dijon  Salmon Crusted and their grilled smoky flavor chicken breast .
We strongly recommend these meals ; as I learned more about my restricted diet , I am amazed at the many choices I have in their menu.
They also tailor to Athletes and regular clients with no diet restrictions.
Best of all is their customer service and the friendly attendant (mikayla) in the Lantana store which helps with all the nutritional facts for us to buy more in their store selection.
Our health in our senior years deserves ChefB meals !!

Meal By Chef B