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Kat W.
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Love the meals and variety. I also like that I can pick up or deliver!

Christine B.
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This is the perfect meal plan for me. I can be healthy if I want to or not :). Plenty of healthy choices yet also comfort foods etc. I have saved a ton of money on take out. I highly recommend Chef B!
Felice R.
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We recently discovered Meals by Chef B and we are so glad we did! The meals are fresh and delicious. There are many healthy options. The ordering and pick up process is very easy. Makala is extremely friendly and helpful! We look forward to tasting more of yummy food!
Everly W.
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I ordered chef b meals as a temporary help in time of need as a MOB preparing for my daughters wedding and it may have been the best decision I’ve made in a long time.
Service is EXCELLENT, food is delicious, nutritious and just right~ not too much, not too little, not too fancy and not too simple! And the BEST thing about them imo is that they are not too SALTY or over spiced!!!!
They may become a permanent thing in our house!
Thank you Chef b and the team!

Sharon S.
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I have tried other prepared meal companies and while the food was good the meals tended to have no life of their own, they all tasted the same. My Senior Management team all order from here and convinced me to give them a try. They assured me they were not like the others and boy were they right. I have enjoyed each meal immensely and love the distinct flavors in each meal. They help keep me engaged and on track for the week.

Joel K.
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I’ve ordered from many other Meal services and Meals by Chef B is by far the best! Not only is the food restaurant quality but you have so many choices and the customer service is amazing! I would highly recommend them…a great value!

Jose M.
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This is my new favorite food service. I have been looking for a good service for years and have tried some of the local options and wasn’t satisfied with any of them. Well, my sister found Meals by Chef B and gave me a gift card from Christmas. It was one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received.

It’s been a month that I’ve been ordering from Chef B and I have to say I am a fan. From the delicious chicken dishes, the keto alternatives, and my favorites, the chicken enchiladas, all the menu items have been fantastic. I love that the food is not salty as many places I have tried, things are well-seasoned and they are flavorful. I’ve been ordering the lunch portions and they are more than enough for a lunch or dinner. There hasn’t been an item that I haven’t liked! All meals have their macros and reheating instructions on the lid, which is so cool as I’m trying to watch what I eat. Another great aspect is their service, the communication they keep via text messaging and email is super! Any issues or changes, I can text and I get a response quickly and it feels like I’m texting with a friend, no awkward scripted service messages! Also, the driver that delivers my meals on Sundays is super nice, I can tell she’s smiling even through the mask! As you can tell, I really like this service and would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to cooking daily or options to mix things up meal-wise. 100% Recommended!

Amy U.
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This is a great food delivery option. Great service, great food and lots of different selections each week catering to many different dietary needs. Home delivery is available and has yet to disappoint. On time and order always correct. The crab cakes were a very tasty option this week.