By Kiley Watkins

Cooking- it’s not my thing…

I am not a good cook and I do not enjoy cooking.  I think most of it stems from my childhood, my parents and I never bonded chopping up veggies or making homemade sauce.  We bonded in the car as they drove me from soccer practice to basketball practice, to a friend’s, or to my sister’s ice skating lessons.  We were constantly on the go and very rarely had time to sit down as a family to eat dinner.  When we did, I remember it was usually burgers, pasta, or Shepard’s pie.


Being a smart woman- I married a man who loves to cook and is great at it! He also enjoys it as well and he can be quite the “Magician in the Kitchen”. We settled into a routine where if he cooks, I clean, and this suited us perfectly.  Keep in mind, this was before kids where it was okay if we were eating at 8 pm to accommodate our work schedules.


Fast forward to today, we have two little boys, a 2.5-year-old and a 1-year-old.  My husband and I both still work, but instead of eating at 8 pm, we are usually finishing up bedtime for my 2.5-year-old.  While we aren’t driving them to and from soccer practice (yet) the weekdays are pretty chaotic between work, daycare pickups, and our nighttime routine. 

We have tried on several occasions to have a plan for dinner during the week, to food prep on Sunday, write out a menu, and more times than not, we have failed.  Whether we forgot ingredients that we needed or we simply weren’t in the mood for “easy healthy pasta bake in 30 minutes” more times than not, we end up eating mac & cheese, frozen pizza, or chicken nuggets.  I tapped out years ago on being the spouse who cooks, so, unfortunately, if my husband doesn’t have a plan or can’t finish up work at 5:30 to start cooking, then we resort to the “fast & frozen”


Listen, perfect world, we would have and make the time to plan and prep for dinner during the week.  But as I am sure most people can attest to, popping in a pizza or ordering take-out is just easier and more convenient.  I will be honest, I never thought of a meal prep company as an option until I accidentally came across one when googling “healthy easy meals.”  Turns out, the SEO God knew I needed some assistance and sent me Meals By Chef B.  Their family portions of chicken parm, meal prep chicken, and hibachi, have saved us more than I can count.  Forget the fact we don’t have the mess of clean-up, but I know we are going to be eating healthy and nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy.  Meals By Chef B came to our rescue because no more feeling guilty serving the Fast & Frozen and now my husband doesn’t have to have the debate most night’s on what to do for dinner.

Meal Prep All-Natural Grilled Chicken Breasts

Essential Items

A few meal prep essentials from Meal By Chef B:

Meal Prep Clean Sixty South Salmon
Chefs House Meat Sauce
Meal Prep Baked Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

Just having a few of these items available, already prepared in my house takes a lot of the stress out of cooking- and in return, my life is much easier!

Meal By Chef B