Is Meal Prep Only Geared Towards People Working Out and Looking To Lose Weight?

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No and No! As a matter of fact, the majority of our clients who order from our Meal Prep Menu are NOT on a program, working out, or have a goal to lose weight. The most common thing our clients have too much of is not weight! I know I know you don’t buy it, but it’s not up for sale! It’s the truth! The thing majority of our clients have in common is lack of time…they have too much to do in one day! 

So Then What is Meal Prep?

Meal Prepping is just as simple as the words. It’s prepping for the week all of your meals so you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner or even lunch! Chef Bryan likes to say “It’s about having access to a buffet of cooked proteins, veggies, and carbs in your fridge for the week”. Our Meal Prep Menu has offerings that give 4-5  portions per container to truly set you up for success (time saving success) for the week! And YES if you are looking to lose weight and working out this is for you too! You can nail your goals with our menu as well!

Dumb It Down For Me

Sure! So you like salads, little Mikey likes grilled chicken and any veggie (the dream kid), and hubby is all about hometown BBQ. Meals By Chef B offers individual meals from our Weekly Specials or Main Menu, but the truth is, the value is on the Meal Prep Menu (shhh). Order Meal Prep All Natural Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts (6- 4oz chicken flavor-packed breasts sliced and ready to throw on a salad (Just have a head of romaine on hand and order your favorite sauce from Chef’s House Made Scratch Gourmet Sauces). Order Grilled Assorted Veggies and Order Chef’s Famous Carolina Hickory Pulled Pork OR House Smoked BBQ Brisket. Order Buttermilk Mash (cause who are you kidding, Mikey and Hubs will devour that) and Bam! … everyone has dinner for the week. Containers are in the fridge, everyone grabs a plate and fork, puts some on a plate, nuke, and go! 

What Are the Benefits of Meal Prepping?

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Meal Prepping is there to make your life easier! A few benefits of meal prepping are:

  • You Can Save Time
  • You Can Save Money
  • You Might Lower Your Stress Around Planning Meals
  • Planning Healthy Meals Can Help You Lose Weight

Can Chef Explain It?

He would love to. Watch a short clip below from Chef Bryan himself!

Meal By Chef B