Gourmet GLUTEN FREE Teriyaki Sauce

Gourmet GF Teriyaki Sauce

Chef’s Teriyaki made with Coconut Aminos!  GLUTEN FREE! NO SOY!

Has hundreds of applications, many clients who enjoy the Chicken meal prep entrees will order a side of Teriyaki for a little Grilled Chicken dipping or Salad of their liking to eat at home or take to work.

 50 Calories /o g Fat / 11g Carbs / 0g Protein Per serving (2oz per serving)

*Macros Based on 1/2 of a 4oz Container



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Chef’s GLUTEN FREE- NO SOY VERSION made with coconut aminos! No long to do’s about this one!  Many clients who enjoy the Chicken Meal Prep entrees will order a side of Teriyaki. Our Meal Prep Chicken Teriyaki Lovers Enjoy Extra of This As Well!

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How to prepare

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Serving size 2oz (1 tbsp)

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