I won’t be home til late evening on my delivery day will the food keep in your bags while I’m away?

You will receive an email 7am and a text 8am. Sunday morning on your delivery day with a 3 hours window and a ETA. You will also receive a text and email once the bag is delivered regardless if you are home.

Our bags are designed to keep food properly cooled for up to 6-7 hours, if you plan to not be home until much later in the day to bring your food inside after it’s delivered please message us prior to Friday and we will substantially increase the ice packs so your food will be keep cooler much longer!

** With the hot summer weather you can leave a beach cooler out front for our driver to put your bag in. Please note you would like the driver to that in your delivery notes if you would like this done.

How is my food kept cool during delivery?

We pack and store all meals in our commercial walk-in fridges, so they’re very chilly when they leave the facility.  Meals are transported in our custom cooler bags with a minimum of 3 pounds of Ice Packs to maintain their cool temperature.

Can I freeze my meals?

Absolutely!  If you choose not to eat your food fresh in the recommended 5-7 days (seafood & salads 2-4 days), we recommend freezing as soon as you receive them for best results.  You can freeze them right in the microwavable dish we deliver them in. Family dishes can be frozen in the aluminum half pans!  Entrees are good for up to a month in the freezer. **We do not recommend freezing seafood dishes.

What is the size of these portions?

Our Dinner Individual Portions are about 6-10 oz of Protein depending on the protein (Pre-Cooked Weight) and a generous side. These meals are filling for adults and most people find them a great value with generous portions as they may have some left over for a snack or small meal later. Dinner portions are double the lunch portion. (2 servings per container) * Dinner portions are in all the photos shown

Our Lunch Individual Portions are perfect for a lunch or someone looking for a portion controlled dinner. They offer 3-5 oz (Pre-cooked protein) and a generous side portion.

Our Family Portions are often utilized as our best value as they give 1.5-2 pounds plus of protein and large helping of sides.  If you are on a strict diet and need a full breakdown of ingredients you can see our nutritional labels with most items on the website.Usually serves 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 small kids!

Some items are listed as “Individual” and “Meal Prep”. Please read each description as most are 2-6 servings.

What kind of oils do you use?

Great Question! Lite Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In specified Keto and Paleo Items we use Olive Oil and/or Organic Coconut Oil. **We do NOT use any soybean or hydrogenated oils!

Is there a minimum delivery?

Yes, Only $40 per order! And if you are doing Pick up and want to order less just send us a text, email or live chat and we will walk you through how to order for pick up under $40;)

How do add or change something to my existing order for this week?

No worries! We will take care of it! We can make changes up until the cutoff Wed at midnight. After that the order will stay as is. If you would like to make a change please call, text, or email us and we will be happy to accommodate! 561-903-6222 info@mealsbychefb.com

I just received my order and looks like something is incorrect.

No problem! While we strive for perfection we are only human! No factories or robots here! Text or call us ASAP at 561-903-6222 or email us at info@mealsbychefb.com and we promise to make it right!

How many does a Family Portion serve?

Its technically 8 lunch portions and 4 dinner. There is plenty for 4 Adult Dinner Portions (so if you like a dish the best bang for your buck is in the family portion!).  If you are a family of 4-5 (kids included) this is a great buy! It will serve 2 adults and 3-4 kids depending on age!

What kind of chicken do you use?

We buy only the best quality chicken & meats. ALL of your chicken is ALL Natural chicken. Our Chicken is Free Range and Raised Without Hormones or Antibiotics, also they are vegetarian only fed.  We pay more for our Chicken to ensure it’s some of the cleanest and best product on the market today.

We use exclusively Harvestland Perdue Chicken Product, to learn about these products, please visit https://www.perdue.com/products/perdue-harvestland/