Do you have a referral program?

YES! We love sharing businesses we use and love as well with friends and family! This is truly the BEST compliment to Chef B! Thank you for wanting to share our business with others!

Under “My Account” look for “Refer a Friend”. You can send a link or give your own code to a friend. They will get an email with 20% off their first order of $100 or more and you will get a $15 Coupon emailed to you after they order! Win win!!

Does Executive Chef Bryan “Chef B” Really Cook My Meals?

YES and proud of it! Chef B handles everything from menu creation, ordering, oversees all preparation, execution, and garnishing of your dishes!! He makes his stocks and sauce from scratch!

I forgot my password and haven’t received your email to reset yet.

Ugh! We hate when that happens:( Some email servers take longer than others. NO WORRIES! Either chat with us on the website, email us or text or call us at 561-903-6222. We can reset it it immediately for you!

I am on a no/low salt diet. Can you offer anything?

Sure!! Many of our clients like you order our Meal Prep Items ( Proteins & Grilled Veggies Only). However there are a few dishes Chef is happy to do as Low/No salt as well. Please put in the delivery notes section if you would like it prepared that way for Meal Prep or these select dishes. ( Please note all of these items are not always on the menu but rotate and most of the time many are)

Lean Coulette

Skinny Chicken

Clean Chicken

Chicken and Cauliflower

Shrimp and Cauliflower

Sixty South Salmon

I have allergies like nut or sesame. How do I know if a dish contains those ingredients?

Every product has allergies listed once you click the photo of the item. ie: Milk, Nut, Wheat…

When is the ordering cutoff each week?

Wednesday at MIDNIGHT! Be sure to get your order in each week by that time for Sunday delivery! Most of our clients order between Monday and Wed each week. Chef B adds new feature items of the week on the What’s New page every Sunday late afternoon. 🙂

How do I Reheat my Entrees?

All of our individual portions (lunch and dinner sizes) come in microwavable (and dishwasher safe) dishes. These dishes are NOT oven safe. We recommend that straight from the fridge you microwave for 1.5 minutes (every microwave heats a little different). Check temperature and heat 30 seconds at a time from there. Gently moving the food around, checking for warmth and steam. Most meals can be perfectly heated within 1.5-2 minutes.

Family Portions come in silver oven safe pans. A general rule is to take the dish out of the fridge an hour two prior to cooking to get the deep chill out. Put in the oven after pre-heated to 350 with the lid cracked for 15-20 mins or 20-30 for more denser meals like Shepard’s Pie. Meals that have cheese on top like Chicken Parm, we suggest taking the lid off:)

If you have the time and are in to making sure all the original textures of the meal ( meaning if you want to re-crisp potatoes or the edges on meatloaf etc.) are recreated, you may want to transfer the dish onto a cooking sheet and bake at 350 deg for 8-15 minutes.

Denser items (Braised and Roasts such as Ropa Vieja, Short Ribs and Meatloaf) will take longer to warm through, and Lesser Dense items (i.e. Sliced Chicken Strips, Sliced Steak, Scallops) will not need much time at all.

Where do you deliver to?

All of Palm Beach County (except Belle Glade) , All of Broward County and Most of Martin County.

Where do I put special delivery instructions like gate codes or where to leave the bags?

We LOVE specific instructions! Please put them in the delivery notes section at checkout when you order. The more you can help us make a smooth quick delivery the better! Other clients like you are waiting on their meals! Be sure to call us into your gate ahead of time as well. This is a HUGE help! Just tell them Melas By Chef B is coming. (If you need a specific drivers name feel free to text or call us for your delivery drivers name) 561-903-6222

Who actually delivers my food?

We do not contract our deliveries out to a third party company. Deliveries are done by our personally interviewed, screened, and employed team. Typically you will have the same delivery driver on your route so say hi and get to know them! They are all super friendly and part of our Chef B family! Most of them are customers too! 🙂