What do I do with my delivery bag and ice packs?

We ask you please leave them outside your door or give to our delivery driver the next time you order for delivery to swap out for your new bags. We sanitize and clean both the bag and ice packs and reuse! Please leave your bag tag on the bag as well. We currently do not charge a weekly bag fee and hope to keep it that way if our clients help us reuse bags!

** Note- With Covid-19 we now offer a disposable bag option when the driver arrives. Please accept this option if you are home for delivery.

Is There a Monthly Cost or Subscription?

NOPE! Freestyle~ Order as much or as little as you like as often or as infrequently as you wish! We like you but we won’t make you commit! Our food & customer service speaks for itself! 😉

Where do I find the Macros (Nutritional Facts)?

Our Macros are listed right on the menu page in a black bar above the photo. If you would like a detailed nutritional label you can click the photo and there are additional photos on each product page. There you will be able to pull up a photo of the nutritional label. The macros are usually for the lunch portion. Double those numbers for dinner. Salads there are two portions per container. Meal Prep each item will say in the description how many servings per container.

Your meals be delivered with labels on them with the macros as well!

How long will my food last?

GREAT QUESTION!! Chef B cooks everything from scratch and finishes all meals up until Saturday late afternoon.   As a general rule the health department deems freshly prepared food to be eaten up to 7 days after preparation if kept cold before consuming, but let’s play it safe and enjoy them for up to 5 days after delivery.  ***We always recommend eating salad & seafood dishes within the first 72 hours of delivery for maximum freshness and raw seafood dishes within 24-36 hours of delivery.

What Precautions Have You Set in Place In Regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19?

Great Question! As we all continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely rest assured that Chef Bryan has taken full responsibility to ensure that his kitchen and his staff are performing above and beyond the required strict health guidelines of the food service industry including guidance from ServSafe.

In addition we have updated our delivery process to include a disposable bags inside our fabric insulated ones. (Food will be transported in an insulated cooler with icepacks). You will receive a text Sunday morning 8am from our routing program with a 3 hour estimated delivery window. You can also track your driver on that text with a link to see the updated real time ETA. They will knock or ring your bell with a mask on and step 6 feet back. If you do not answer they will leave a cooler bag with ice packs. You will need to leave the bag and ice packs outside the next week you order as we sanitize and reuse them. If you do answer the driver will pull the disposable back out of the cooler bag and hand it to you or leave on the ground for you to retrieve when they walk away.


  • Chef Bryan’s kitchen is fully stocked in all the necessary sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaning products, and gloves. He is committed to sanitizing all workspaces multiple times after each use.
  • Chef Bryan’s staff is instructed & trained in vigilant hand washing. He has implemented a more comprehensive glove wearing policy where as they are to be worn when handling food prep containers and as always, 100% of the time during any handling and preparations of food.
  • Any staff member with any cold symptoms will be asked not to come to work until symptom free.
  • All delivery bags and ice packs are always thoroughly sanitized every Sunday evening as soon as they return to the kitchen. That has always been our practice and will continue to be. We now tripled sanitize and put bags in a container for 2 weeks cycles.

While the CDC has stated that there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food, Meals By Chef B will still continue to keep on high alert of all new findings and take any necessary actions to continue to serve you in the most sanitary manner possibly. Our goal as always is to make meal planning simple for you so you can focus on other areas of your life. We know in this situation we are experiencing, we could not be more valuable to you. We promise to continue to exceed all of your culinary & client services expectations.