MEAL PREP Carolina Hickory Pulled Pork

Chef B’s Famous Carolina Style Hickory Smoked Pork Shoulder, Tangy Carolina Sauce. We won’t judge if you order this weekly!

Chef Cooks his Pork Shoulders the Same Way He did in Carolina.  Low and Slow, with Hickory for Over 18 Hours, Then Pulled and Lightly Tossed With our House Carolina Sauce and Extra On The Side!  Look for our by the pound offering coming soon Along with Our Gourmet Down Home Sauces For Sale!

Check Out Chef Bryan Explaining More on Meal Prep: What’s Meal Prep

See Chef’s Sauce Page for Extra Carolina Tangy

430 Calories/ 30g Fat / 9g Carbs/ 30g Protein – 1/4 of the 4 oz Ramekin of Sauce (1 Serving = 2 Tblsp) included in the Caloric Breakdown

*1 Order (or 1 Pound, Usually comes just over a pound after cooking) Contains 4 Servings


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Chef B’s Famous Pulled Hickory House Smoked Pork Shoulder & Tangy Carolina Sauce.  Smoked low and slow for 24 hours, true NC style BBQ straight from the Carolina Native Himself!  Order just one or more!  For Volume Discounts (5 pounds +) please contact us for Pricing!

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Nutrition Facts

7g Sugar

How to prepare

microwave image

4 Servings Per Container- Portion and heat on microwave safe dish for 1 min. Test temp and heat in 15 second increments. Pour some Carolina Vinegar sauce included prior to heating to enhance the flavor!

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