Creamy Leek, Aged Parmesan & Cauliflower Soup

Chef’s Creamy Leek, Cauliflower and Aged Parmesan Soup is eating the season!  With Sauteed Leeks, Lightly Toasted Cauliflower Florets, Cream, House Veg Stock.  Finished with Parmesan Cheese and a Touch of Ricotta.

Chef Note  **The Soup is a Puree.  There is a small amount of finely Chopped Leeks Garnished in the end for some added Sharpness to the Soup.  Clients can easily Mild the flavor by heating the soup for an extra minute or two and letting it rest.  This will soften any of the raw Leek pieces and Create a more Milder Flavor.**

**Full Vegetarian Preparation on this soup, no chicken or beef stock is used, House Vegetable Stock and Cream Make Up the Base.  Also we do not use Roux’s or artificial thickening Agents in our Soups, only Reduction Techniques and the Natural Starchiness of Pureed Veggies 🙂

210 Calories / 16g Fat / 12g (Net 9) Carbs / 6g Protein Per Serving

Serving size is half a pint




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A Creamy Delicious Puree of Sautéed Leeks, Cauliflower, Aged Parmesan, Cream and House Vegetable Stock.  Eat the Season with this Creamy Vegetarian Delight! Sold by the pint. 2 Servings per pint. Macros based on half the pint.

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Serving Size is 1/2 Pint