Shrimp and Lobster Bisque

Chef’s Creamy Lobster Bisque is just simply well done.  He takes the long way around so to speak, there is so much flavor, you can just taste the Homemadeness (if that’s a word) in every bite.

First the Lobster Bisque and Shrimp are Gently Poached in a steamy broth of Old Bay and Veggies.  Shellfish are then Separated Meat and Shell.  Shells are then roasted in the oven until Crisp, then back into the poaching liquid.  Chef Simmers and reduces the lobster stock for hours before he purees and finely strains.

The pureed Stock in reduced further with Saffron, Garlic, Sherry and Cream with All the Meat Finely Chopped and Added Back in, for a full Bodied, Briney, Creamy Masterpiece!

Chef Notes  *The Soup is a Puree and Served in a Secure Pint for Best Secure Traveling*

*Soup is thickened by natural reduction from simmering and Cream, this is a Gluten Free Soup*

350 Calories / 27g Fat / 7g Carbs / 19g Protein

*Macros based on 1 Serving which is 8oz, half the pint (16 oz) Size – double for Dinner Size (Full Pint).




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Chef’s Creamy Shrimp & Lobster bisque is just simply well done.  He Takes the long way around so to speak, there is so much flavor, he uses the Entire Lobster and Shrimp and it pays off Big 🙂 Offer by the pint.

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Filtered Water, Crustaceans, lobster, northern, cooked, Heavy Cream, Organic Lemon Juice, Sherry, Tomato Paste, mirepoix, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Garlic, Saffron, Old Bay Seasoning

How to prepare

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2 Servings Per Container. Open over sink is possible. Heat with top off for 1 minute. Stir and heat in 30 second increments.,